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We sell tires and tubes for:

Carlisle Turf Trac RS

(RS = Round Shoulder)

Lawnmower Tractor Tire

NHS = Non-Highway Service = Off-Road Use Only

Turf Trac RS TBL
11x4.00-5 NHS 2 33.83
15x6.00-6 NHS 4 54.65
16x6.50-8 NHS 4 55.00
18x7.50-8 NHS 2 59.61
20x8.00-8 NHS 2 79.60
20x10.00-8 NHS 4 79.70

22.5x10.00-8 NHS

Innova Caymen Turf (Round Shoulder)

4 94.65
22.5x10.00-8 NHS 4 96.34
25x12.00-9 NHS 4 98.00
20x10.00-10 NHS 4 83.00
20x12.00-10 NHS 4 89.62
20x12.00-10 NHS 4

BKT LG307 78.80

22x9.50-10 NHS 4 89.00
24x9.50-10 NHS 4 97.00
24x12.00-10 NHS 4 112.63
23x10.50-12 NHS 4 94.00
24x12.00-12 NHS 6 114.86
26x12.00-12 NHS 10 141.78


Whosale Tire Dealer
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Whosale Tire Dealer

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Whosale Tire Dealer

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